We don’t just pick up hazardous waste, we manage every aspect of hazardous waste management

The only hazardous waste management company of its kind in Manitoba, we can do things others can’t to minimize risk and liability for our customers.


24/7 Emergency Response Team: 204-957-6327


What sets us apart from our competition? Simply put, we can do things the others can’t.

We don’t just pick up hazardous waste – we manage every aspect of hazardous waste.

We minimize risk and liability for our customers.

Everything Miller does is done with the highest regard for safety and the environment. Every employee works to provide total customer satisfaction by offering services that represent value, adhere to regulations and are clearly superior to those of the competition.

We operate a fully licensed, professionally engineered hazardous waste treatment facility south of the City of Winnipeg, utilizing 64 hectares of land in the RM of Montcalm. We employ a highly trained technical team that has developed and streamlined our in-house processes which focus on safety, energy efficiency and reduction of impacts to the environment.

Miller provides treatment and disposal of more types of hazardous waste than any other company in Manitoba. Our facility has process buildings with tankage to treat thousands of litres of organic and inorganic wastes, cells for soil treatment, a recycling facility for washing and shredding industrial plastics, and a licensed repository.

Our employees are committed to coming up with new and innovative ways to approach our customers’ hazardous waste challenges. Combine that with our 24 Emergency Response Services, Tank Cleaning and Training abilities, it’s easy to see how Miller is the one stop solution to all of your hazardous waste and environmental needs.

24 Hour Emergency Response: (204) 957-6327


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